Waverly Hills History

In Louisville, Kentucky, there is a place that is very famous for being haunted. The location is frequented by many visitors who tour the area to see if the stories they have heard are true. There are sponsored tours and ghost hunting activities that people can join. A number of TV shows that feature paranormal and mystical topics have also gone to the area in order to investigate or experience the ghosts and other unexplained phenomena that happen there. The place is called The Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Others simply refer to it as Waverly Hills. It was a hospital in the past that treated patients who had tuberculosis.

There are many very scary stories about The Waverly Hills Sanatorium, which is why many regard it as the most haunted hospital in the United States. Many people have their own versions of Waverly Hills history and the unexplainable things that have happened there. Many of them claim to have the scariest stories or experience, although some of them have also heard of it from someone. Waverly Hills has gone through many changes and owners. The latest owners have decided to use the notoriety of Waverly Hills history and actually promote the stories surrounding the place. This greatly helps their venture when they made Waverly Hills into a tourist destination.

Looking back into the history of Waverly Hills, during the 1800s it was initially a residential area. Since Louisville can be found in a place that is very near water, there were many cases of people suffering from tuberculosis and this was aggravated by the high number of people living there. In 1910, a small building which had two floors was built in Waverly Hills. This building was intended for people who had tuberculosis since Louisville needed a hospital for the mounting tuberculosis cases in the area.

Eventually, the small hospital could not cope with the number of patients which is why Waverly Hills was closed down in 1924 and a new hospital was put up to replace the previous one. What was built was a hospital that was the most advanced in treating patients with tuberculosis during that time. People with tuberculosis could live in the hospital facilities while getting treated. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium that was built in the 1920s, are the same buildings that people now visit, although for different reasons.

As time went by, newer and more successful medicines came out for tuberculosis. This led to fewer patients who went to Waverly Hills. And in 1961, the tuberculosis hospital was changed into an elderly care center. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium was again shut down in 1981. The buildings and facilities were put on sale a number of occasions, and many buyers and new owners tried their best to find other uses for the resource.

Most of the scary stories told about Waverly Hills Sanatorium are frequently based or connected on its history as a tuberculosis hospital. There were many people dying from tuberculosis during those times. The remedies and therapies for tuberculosis then were rather inhuman which is why many believe that the hauntings in Waverly Hills are done by vengeful spirits. The most famous stories usually involve a place in Waverly Hills Sanatorium called "the body chute". There is also Room 502, where many people say a nurse was stabbed to death by one of the patients.