Waverly Hills

There are a large number of people who enjoy the idea of believing and chasing ghosts and ghost’s tales, and this number is one that seems to grow by leaps and bounds every single year. Are they real, or aren’t they, that is the question? Waverly Hills is one of the most fascinating buildings to be found that stores within its walls many horrible and pain filled memories of a time where it seemed to continuously consume 100’s of lives. The unbelievably high number of deaths that occurred in Kentucky was from victims who suffered from the very contagious disease known as tuberculosis. Over the years, there has been a tremendous number of ghost hunting stories that have unfolded, to tell of some of the many agonizing treatments and pain that thousands of sick patients endured. Sadly enough, there were entire families and entire towns that died within the walls of Waverly Hills.

For many years, there have been a large number of ghost hunters who have traveled the world over, again and again, searching persistently and painstakingly to be able to find a place such as the Waverly Hills Sanitorium. This hospital located in Waverly Hills is considered to be one of the most haunted of buildings to be found anywhere in the world. During its years of operation, there were numerous treatments that would now be considered very barbaric that were performed on the tuberculosis patients that resided at the Waverly House.

When the building was in operation, there was such a tremendous amount of deaths in patients that occurred at the Waverly Hills Sanitorium that a special chute was built which led to the bottom of the hill down below the sanitorium. One of the names this chute was commonly known by was "the death tunnel" and it was used to lower the bodies of dead corpses that had succumbed to the terrifying and painful disease (tuberculosis) that a countless number of individuals were suffering from. The mental well being of the patients still alive in the hospital was so important that the dead bodies would be lowered through the death tunnel in a secretive manner. This was done so that none of the patients residing in the hospital would realize just how many people were actually dying from the disease.

The halls of the Waverly Hills Sanitorium have seen thousands upon thousands of tourists and visitors from all around the world. Many of these individuals have visited the haunted halls of the hospital that sits on Waverly Hill, in hopes of being able to catch a glimpse or two of the ghosts that are said to roam the halls of the hospital. Some of these visitors have actually even said they have seen some suspicious sightings, which leads to many people talk about the happenings at this mysterious hospital.