Waverly Hills Sanatorium Ghost Hunting

There are many people who have heard or like telling scary stories about haunted places or locations that have ghosts or spirits haunting them. And there are other groups of people who go further by going to these places and try to experience these so called ghosts and spirits themselves. They either do ghost hunts or ghost investigations in these places of interest.

Ghost investigations are when people visit places where there have been stories of it being haunted by spirits or ghosts. They bring with them equipment for capturing data such as still and video cameras, audio recording equipment, temperature sensors etc. They also conduct interviews and gather stories regarding the area they are investigating. They will then use all this data to either support or debunk stories and claims of the place being haunted. Ghost hunting is similar to ghost investigation, but these are usually done to places where there have been no ghost or spirit haunting, or there have been a few stories or scary experiences in the location.

One of the most famous ghost hunting and ghost investigation sites in the United States can be found in Louisville, Kentucky. This is where The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is located which is a legendary haunted hospital among paranormal enthusiasts. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium was built to treat tuberculosis which was very prevalent in the area during the early 1900s. Many patients supposedly died in the facility while undergoing treatment for the disease, with most of the deaths happening during the Second World War when there was a tuberculosis outbreak. Many stories claim to hear screams of pain and wailing in empty places in Waverly Hills Sanatorium. There are also people who have experienced seeing shadows and moving shapes in areas where most patients have died. There are also those who have pictures and video of a child-like spirit or ghost.

The current owners of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Charlie and Tina Mattingly, who are very much aware of the notoriety of the place allow people to conduct ghost hunting and ghost investigations in Waverly Hills Sanatorium through scheduled tours. They are the only people who organize and permit ghost hunting and investigation activities in the area. They collect certain fees for these tours which they then use in the rehabilitation of the different buildings and facilities of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. They also intend on renovating the area to a hotel that will cater to paranormal and ghost hunting aficionados and ordinary guests as well.

For people interested in joining Waverly Hills Sanatorium ghost hunting or ghost investigation tours, there are ghost hunting tour packages designed for different groups of people.

The 2-hour public guided tours are conducted on the nights of Friday and Saturday during March to August. There are also private 2-hour tours for groups of at least 25 available by schedule. The fee for 2-hour guided tours is $22.00 for each participant.

Other types of tours are the 4-hour or half night ghost hunting tour which are done on the Fridays of March to August, 12 midnight to 4 A.M. of the next day, and the 8-hour or full night investigations which are done on Saturdays of March to August, 12 midnight to 8 A.M. of the next day,. They split people into groups and move them around the different areas of Waverly Hills. They charge $50.00 per participant for the 4-hour tours and $100.00 for the full night investigations. Interested participants for these tours must at least be 18 years old to be allowed to join.

There are private overnight Waverly Hills Sanatorium ghost hunting tours available by schedule, which is done from 8pm to 4am of the next day. There is no age requirement although groups must consist of at least 10 people and the fee is $100.00 per participant. Private overnight ghost hunting tours can be done on Sunday to Thursday.

Interested parties who would like to schedule or inquire about the availability of tours can call The Waverly Hills office at (502) 933-2142, or visit their website at http://www.therealwaverlyhills.com.