Do you belong to the large category of individuals who becomes very intrigued when you have the chance to visit buildings that are said to have had ghost sightings, or to be able to visit places that are said to be haunted? Are you one of the thousands of tourists and visitors that have traveled all across the world to see some of these legendary buildings that have been said to have ghosts? One very mysterious building that has been the subject for a great many years, of many ghost stories among many individuals is located in Waverly Hills, Kentucky. When you hear, or read about the many interesting ghost stories that involve this haunted sanitorium, it will then become one place that you will surely not want to miss the opportunity of seeing.

The Waverly Hills Sanitorium was a very large hospital that was built back in 1910, and it housed thousands of very sick patients that were suffering from having the disease of tuberculosis. There were literally hundreds of sick patients who resided here, and most of who eventually succumbed to the disease and died in the Waverly Hills hospital. In some cases, there would be patients of literally entire families, and even entire towns that would end up dead from having this tragic disease.

Thousands upon thousands of tourists and other visitors have come to walk the halls and many rooms, to try and see a sighting of ghosts for themselves on one of the Waverly Hills Sanitorium tours that began many years after this haunted hospital was closed down. There are even some visitors who have said that they have actually seen a Waverly Hills ghost, they say were located on the fourth and fifth floors of the sanitorium.

One very eerie aspect of the Waverly Hills haunted house that is known to be of huge interest to a large number of individuals, would be that of the death tunnel that is located within this mysterious and spooky hospital. This tunnel was built during the years of the hospitals operation, so that the workers of the hospital would have a way to be able to load the numerous bodies of victims who eventually died from having the disease of tuberculosis. The bodies would be loaded down the chute, and end up at the bottom of the hill where the hospital stood. The large number of patients that would finally give up and succumb to their illness would be secretly loaded into the death tunnel, and while this was happening, all of the other patients of the hospital were totally unaware. Doctors of the Waverly House did not want the patients that were alive, to have any knowledge of the vast amount of patients who were actually dying every single day, from the disease.