There have been a large number of people from all over the world who have stated that they have either seen some type of ghost form, or some type of paranormal activity that leads them to believe in the idea that ghosts really do exist. There are also many individuals who have become very interested in the idea of possibly catching a glimpse of a ghost, or other form of paranormal activity because of the variety in chilling stories that they have heard concerning the Waverly Hills TB Hospital that is located in Waverly Hills, KY. This haunted sanitorium is a very well known hospital of long ago, that is said to have had a great number of ghost sightings and paranormal activity that has taken place within its walls.

Since the hospital doors were closed many years ago, Waverly Hills ghost tours have become very popular to a large number of individuals all over the world. The chance of possibly being able to see a ghost form wearing what looks like a doctors coat, or one of the many other ghosts that are said to occupy this haunted hospital, is an opportunity that many just can’t seem to be able to resist. On the fourth and fifth floors of the Waverly Hills Sanitorium, is where a majority of the ghost sightings have been said to occur. Book a reservation today with Waverly Hills Tours, and you just may be the next person to see one of the ghosts inhabiting this hospital.

In 1910, the Waverly Hills Sanitorium was built, and became known to many as the Waverly Hills TB hospital. This hospital was built because a tremendous amount of the area residents were becoming extremely ill with the very contagious disease known as tuberculosis. When this Waverly hospital was built, the area doctors were better able to help provide the growing amount of individuals that lived in the Kentucky area, the attention and medical treatment that they were in such desperate need of. When individuals would become ill from the disease, they would reside at this very busy Waverly Hills TB Hospital during the course of their illness.

Hundreds of very sick patients ultimately gave in to their disease and ended up on their deathbed, and ultimately dying at this Waverly hospital. While many people were a patient of the hospital, several of them underwent a variety of different types of treatment that were thought to at least help the patients be a little more comfortable. Some of the treatments that were used, would be considered very barbaric to most of the doctors and nurses of today.

Why don’t you join the many others who have already taken advantage of their chance at being able to see some paranormal activity within the many rooms of the hospital, on one of the Waverly Hills Sanitorium Tours.