Waverly Hills Urban Legends

Urban legends are the modern day version of myths and other tales that are supposedly real even though there are no real proofs to the story. Urban legends are passed on to different people and usually changes in the stories happen because of this.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky has its own share of urban legends about it. It is already hailed as one of the most haunted places in the United States and this can be attributed to the stories and urban legends told about the place and its history. Waverly Hills was built in 1910 as a treatment facility for people with tuberculosis. There were many cases of death in the facility since there was still no real cure for the disease and treatments were usually experimental and most of the time not effective. The facilities were eventually transformed into a geriatric home after tuberculosis cases dropped because of the discovery of antibiotics. The place was then closed down by the state due to cases of patient abuse, and it has changed ownership a number of times through the years.

Waverly Hills' urban legends are typically connected to the fact that the place used to be a hospital. Many involve stories about ghosts of nurses or patients who were supposedly in the hospital when it was still operational. One urban legend is about a nurse who haunts the first floor. The nurse in the story apparently tried to kill herself by slitting her wrists. She then ran out of the building, screaming and bleeding at the lobby and then she died at the front of the building. Researchers have found out that there was a real case of a nurse who tried to kill herself in the hospital, although she did not run through the lobby while bleeding and she did not die.

Other urban legends about Waverly Hills involve Room 502. One urban legend is again about a nurse who hung herself in the room after becoming pregnant without being married. The story is very famous and is partly true but indications show that it did not happen in Waverly Hills. A newer urban legend about room 502 has been circulating and it is about a homeless man that was murdered by a gang in the room. Some accounts say that the man was killed and used in a satanic ritual while others suggest that he was the victim of a drug related gang.

There are also many urban legends about the "body chute" or the "death tunnel". This was a tunnel built to transport supplies to the facilities in the harsh winter. Since there were many deaths because of tuberculosis, the bodies of dead people were moved through the tunnel in order for other patients and other staff of the hospital not to see them. Some urban legends say that the bodies were simply thrown down the tunnel and let to slide down to the bottom. Although it is true that the tunnel was used to transport the bodies of dead patients, they were not just thrown down but there were carts and winches used to move the remains of the dead patients. Researchers have also found evidence that the tunnel was initially built as a big steam vent for the boiler rooms located at the bottom of the hill. This was used to provide heat to the hospital. The tunnel was also used by hospital staff as an alternative way to go up or down the hospital during the winter.